11/10/2019 Christos Dimopoulos

CERIDES joins Watershare

European University Cyprus has joined Watershare through CERIDES, its cross-disciplinary and cross-school Centre of Excellence.

The Watershare agreement was signed during a visit by Prof. George Boustras, CERIDES Director, to KWR on October 3rd 2019. Prof. Boustras is looking forward to a fruitful collaboration: ‘We have a strong expertise in resilience and risk assessment for natural hazards, especially with regards to critical infrastructure’ he says. ‘We have strong links with the water boards and first responders in Cyprus and in neighbouring countries (Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt), and we hope that we will become a strong hub for Watershare in the region, especially since climate change is expected to exacerbate hazards, challenges and risks for the water infrastructure in the eastern Mediterranean.

More information about Watershare is available at the following location: