19/06/2020 Christos Dimopoulos

CERIDES Vacancy: RESPOND-A Research Associates

European University Cyprus welcomes applications for employment in the following positions:

Research Associates for the H2020 project RESPOND-A: Next-generation equipment tools and mission-critical strategies for First Responders.

The project aims at developing holistic and easy-to-use solutions for First Responders by bringing together the complementary strengths of its Investigators in 5G wireless communications, Augmented and Virtual Reality, autonomous robot and unmanned aerial vehicle coordination, intelligent wearable sensors and smart monitoring, geovisual analytics and immersive geospatial data analysis, passive and active localisation and tracking, and interactive multi-view 360o video streaming.

The synergy of such cutting-edge technological advancements is likely to provide high-end and continuous flows of data, voice and video information to First Responders and their Command & Control Centers for predicting and assessing the various incidents readily and reliably, and saving lives more efficiently and effectively, while maximising the safeguarding of themselves, before, during and after disasters.

Main responsibilities include:

  • Conduct any research and duties required for the successful implementation of the project
  • Report to EUC’s  Project Manager for the project and to the Director of CERIDES
  • Coordinate and liaise with the other members/organisations of the project consortium to ensure successful development and implementation of the deliverables.
  • Present research findings in meetings, conferences, workshops. Engage stakeholders in discussions of research findings.
  • Participate in project and / or research meetings as required in consortia agreement (for the project(s) you work
  • Report preparation: Compile, document and present results in formats required for inclusion in reports, technical memoranda, and presentations. Prepare technical documentation, including data collection, analysis and summaries. Prepare project reports and other deliverables as required.
  • Organize the publication of research output in peer reviewed journals and / or conferences.
  • Develop opportunities to link research findings to implementation.
  • Identify and pursue new research and collaborative opportunities with other research organizations and businesses, as well as national, regional and local agencies and organizations.
  • Take active part and responsibilities within the Center for Risk and Decision Sciences (CERIDES) of European University Cyprus and collaborate in a constructive and positive manner with other CERIDES employees
  • Perform the aforementioned duties at CERIDES premises for the days and hours mutually agreed with the CERIDES Director and Co-Director.

The ideal candidate should possess the following qualifications:

  • Doctoral or Master’s degree in Sciences
  • Experience in project management
  • Familiarity with and experience in EU funding programs
  • Experience in designing, developing and submitting research proposals
  • Excellent IT, written and oral communication skills
  • Excellent command of both the English and Greek language
  • High level of communication and interpersonal skills to adapt to a multicultural/ multidisciplinary environment
  • High level of organizational, analytical and problem-solving skills
  • Ability to work independently with minimum supervision
  • Ability to work with multiple and tight deadlines