30/07/2020 Christos Dimopoulos

Dr. Pericles Leng Cheng is awarded the Prize for Excellence in Teaching from European University Cyprus

CERIDES – Excellence in Innovation & Technology is extremely proud to announce that Dr. Pericles Leng Cheng, Head of Technical Development of CERIDES, is the recipient of the Prize for Excellence in Teaching as part of European University Cyprus’ “Mary Eleftheriadou” Annual Awards for Excellence in Teaching and Research 2019.

Dr Pericles Leng Cheng is a Lecturer in Artificial Intelligence at European University Cyprus. Dr Cheng received his Bachelor of Science in Computer Science degree in 2001 and in 2003 his Master of Science in Computer Science degree both from the University of Texas at Austin. In 2009, Dr Cheng became a CISCO Certified Academy Instructor and has been teaching CISCO certification courses for Computer Engineering students. In 2010, Dr Cheng was involved in a University-lead project to build a blended learning laboratory and incorporate blended learning in the university courses by training other instructors in using the Moodle e-learning platform and how to create blended courses. Dr Cheng’s areas of interest include educational robotics, databases, network, e-learning, and embedded programming.

Many congratulations to Pericles on behalf of all EUC and CERIDES members!