CYBER.CERIDES seeks to enhance academic understanding and strengthen strategic and practical capability of its clients to handle cyber-risks. CYBER.CERIDES’ vision is to become a world-class reference center for cybersecurity risk assessment

The Cyber Risk Challenge

Cybersecurity has risen to the top of political and business agendas. The field is evolving very rapidly. Cyber-risks change in nature, perpetrators, victims, and damages. The human factor is as vital as technology. Governments, businesses, and academia must stay at the forefront of these developments through cyber-risk assessment.

Cyber-risk assessment identifies, analyses, and quantifies potential risks, maps these against state-of-the-art protection and defenses, and, importantly, assesses residual risks.

Cyber-risk assessment is becoming an obligation in many parts of the world under cyber-resilience legislation.

Our Proposition
From Strategy to Practice

CYBER.CERIDES provides to governments and businesses its combined cybersecurity and risk assessment expertise in cyber-risk assessment. The center benefits from its strong linkage to computer sciences and political sciences, its global network, and it experience with the policy and practice of risk assessment and decision sciences.

Located in Cyprus, CYBER.CERIDES is at a geopolitical nexus of international relations and offers a place to connect and build trustworthy connections between people.

At CYBER.CERIDES we work with you to critically assess cybersecurity risks in your organisation and network of partners, and the relation of cybersecurity to (corporate) strategies.

CYBER.CERIDES will also address regional priorities.

CYBER.CERIDES brings you in contact with world-class expertise in cybersecurity and risk and decision sciences.


Participation in National, EU, and private research projects of CERIDES and the Computer Science Department has created a vibrant ecosystem for research in Cyprus and SE Mediterranean. CYBER.CERIDES builds on this, working with Research Associates and Postdoctoral Research Fellows in projects relevant to the Center’s thematic pillars, creating an inspiring and productive environment, which is primarily focused on delivering high-quality research output and stimulating scientific debate.


CYBER.CERIDES, both through CERIDES and the Computer Science Department provides an academic framework for cyber-risk sciences and creates a career path for emerging researchers. High-quality teaching will challenge our international students and help them develop skills in critical thinking, research, and problem-solving that can be applied to a career in either research or the broader business community. Through its taught programs we foster the dissemination of ideas, theories, and methods to its students. It is anticipated that the experience gained through research will be fed back to existing courses and it is also anticipated that new courses will spin-off from CYBER.CERIDES. CYBER.CERIDES will also work with clients to provide bespoke training and education.


One of the key aims is to assist private and governmental organisations to effectively manage cyber-risks. With the ubiquity and pervasiveness of digital technologies, cyber-risks are a threat in many sectors, from finance, insurance, hospitality, and tourism to sectors that heavily depend on operational technology such as maritime, chemicals, and exploration, as well as in virtually every public sector, military, and defense.


CYBER.CERIDES provides for liaison with the innovation and incubator activities of the University and Cyprus in general, and actively stimulates knowledge and technology transfer for global commercialisation.

Our People

Prof George Boustras

Professor in Risk Assessment at European University Cyprus (EUC), and Director of the CERIDES – Excellence in Innovation and Technology,

Prof George Metakides

Adjunct Professor European University Cyprus; Visiting Professor Southampton University, former Director European Commission ESPRIT R&D Programme.

Prof Paul Timmers

Research Associate Oxford University/Political Sciences, Adjunct Professor European University Cyprus, visiting Professor Rijeka University, former European Commission Director for Digital Society, Trust & Cybersecurity.

Dr Ioanna Danidou

Lecturer Computer Science & Cybersecurity European University Cyprus.

Dr George Hadjichristofi

Associate Professor, Network Security European University Cyprus.

Dr Marina Appiou-Nikiforou

Assistant Professor, Chairperson Department of Computer Science and Engineering, European University Cyprus.

Advisory Board

Steve Berry

MBA, UK, Executive Chairman Cynation, Director Waterbridge Capital, Harvard Business School MBA.

Hervé Le Guyader

MSc, France, lecturer Ecole Nationale Superieure de Cognitique, member S&T advice NATO.

Merle Maigre

MA, Estonia, e-Governance Academy, Executive Board member CyberPeace Institute.

Prof Ciaran Martin

CB, UK, first CEO of the GCHQ/NCSC, Oxford University Blavatnik School of Government.

George Michaelides

Cyprus, Commissioner Office of Electronic Communications & Postal Regulations, Regulator NIS CIIP, National CSIRT.

Ronald Prins

MSc, NL, founder FOX-IT, member of the Dutch Joint Intelligence and Security Services Review Board for the Use of Powers.