Originally qualifying and practising as an industrial chemist, in mid-career Dr Waring switched emphasis to management and social sciences. In 1994, he gained a PhD from Westminster University for an ethnographic study of the management of change in three organisations. From 1986 to 2016 full-time, he was a risk management consultant on a range of corporate, strategic and operational risk issues to government departments, institutions, and large corporations, in fourteen countries in Europe, Middle East, Asia, Australia and North America.

In the UK, from 1984-1986 he was a senior lecturer at South Bank in health & safety management,  and also in the 1980s was visiting lecturer  variously at e.g. Cranfield, Herriott-Watt, Loughborough, and London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine.  He was variously Adjunct Professor in Corporate Risk, Centre for Corporate Governance and Financial Policy, Hong Kong Baptist University (2006-2008); International Consultant, Public Safety Research Unit, Tsinghua University, Beijing (2005-2007); Visiting Professor in Corporate Risk, China Institute of Directors, Shanghai (2005-2007).

His books include Managing Risk (Waring and Glendon, 1998), Corporate Risk and Governance (2013), Safety Management Systems (1996), and Practical Systems Thinking (1996).

His contribution to European University Cyprus began in 2011 and he was Visiting Professor at EUC CERIDES 2014-2016 and subsequently Adjunct Professor to date (https://cerides.euc.ac.cy). During his time at CERIDES, he has developed a research interest in the radical-right, authoritarianism, and extremism, including their risk implications for multiple parties. He was editor and a contributor to the two-volume anthology The New Authoritarianism: A Risk Analysis of the Alt-Right Phenomenon (2018, 2019 Ibidem Verlag). He has also published a number of articles in double-blind peer-reviewed journals (e.g. Safety Science), as well as several contributions to CARR Insight blog. In 2020, he was appointed a Policy & Practitioner Fellow by CARR (Centre for Analysis of the Radical Right https://www.radicalrightanalysis.com/).