DG-ECHO Project “PDEX-JIP” Online meeting before the TTX

August 24, 2022
Georgia Solomonidou

The PDEX-JIP Consortium, met on the 24th of August to discuss some heating issues for the professional dialogue to flourish. Special thanks to the consortium partners for attending in between summer holidays, consisting of CERIDES – Excellence in Innovation and Technology, European University Cyprus, PPI,C Johanniter, DMAT, RSI, Civil Defense Cyprus and Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Cyprus.  Even more respect and special thanks to the delegations of the Civil Protections of Israel and the Palestinian Authority, UN OCHA and the project officers of DG-ECHO.

Before testing the EU Civil Protection Mechanism, crucial stepping stones were made on the Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and their relationship with the Table-Top Exercise (TTX) for this project.

Some other issues raised where the specific National and International authorities to be invited to the Full Scale Exercise (FSX). Where should the FSX take place, how many square meters we need, how many actors, who and how will transfer goods and the like.

All actions are leading to the accomplishment of our main objectives which include:

  • Strengthening disaster preparedness in the JIP region.
  • Increasing Interoperability.
  • Enabling Host Nation Support and cooperation for international disaster response.
  • Support JIP region in analyzing their CP situation.
  • Prepare a specific regional cross border SOP in case of complex emergency.
  • Evaluation and analysis of future steps forward.