The 2nd newsletter of the FA-ST project (Erasmus+ KA2 Youth) has been published

June 30, 2021
Christos Dimopoulos

The 2nd newsletter of the Erasmus+ KA2-Strategic Partnerships for youth project ‘FA-ST’ (“Fast prototyping and entrepreneurial skills to promote female founded start-ups in STEM”) has been published and you can view it at the following location:

The aim of the FA-ST project is to provide opportunities of empowerment and personal development to girls and young women affected by socioeconomic barriers (migrants background, weak family support, early school leavers), and inspire them to start a business in the STEM sector.

Despite the setback of the Covid-19 pandemic, all production activities of the FA-ST project have been implemented as scheduled.

The FA-ST Consortium comprises of the following organizations:

European University Cyprus – CERIDES (Coordinator) (CY)

(Libera Universita Di Lingue E Comunicazione, IULM) (IT)

PontoPR – Publicidade e Robótica, lda) (PR)

(Center for Educational and Cultural Development (RACIO)) (MK)

Dr. Christos Dimopoulos, co-Director of CERIDES, acts as the project manager of FA-ST project. Professor Maria Meletiou (Head of Education and Training Services, CERIDES), Dr. Simona Mihai (Director of the PEAK Laboratory), and Dr. Angelos Sophianides ( CERIDES Research Associate), are also participating in the implementation of the FA-ST project.

Full information about the FA-ST project and its activities can be found in the following pages: