CERIDES actively engaged with Civic Society: Training of Citizens’ NGO volunteering in Civil Protection

February 10, 2022
Pierantonios Papazoglou

RESCUE 1” are…: “Proud Volunteer Rescuers“, as they present themselves in their outreach. The “RESCUE 1 – Cyprus Emergency Response Team” is a non-profit voluntary organization, with the vision to help residents and visitors of Cyprus, by creating a well-trained and equiped team of volunteer rescuers, who are 24/7-ready to provide their services where needed.

As a Centre-of-Excellence in scientific research, CERIDES is greatly interested in actively engaging all aspects of the quadruple-helix; colleagues and peers from academia and research, public governance stakeholders, the entrepreneurial and industrial sector, and of course citizens and civic society. As such, and in alignment with our thematic expertise in Civil Protection, Risk, Safety Culture, Safety in Operations, and Rescue science and engineering, CERIDES gladly collaborates with relevant Citizens’ non-governmental associations and organizations (NGO).

Responding, then, to an invitation by RESCUE 1 – leadership, our CERIDES’ Research-&-Strategy Manager Pierantonios Papazoglou visited RESCUE 1 – headquarters at Ipsonas Municipality, on 9 February 2022, to provide a hands-on Training.


The training-subject was “Safety Culture and Operational Behaviour of Volunteers in Civil Protection” and Mr. Papazoglou presented basic concepts and principles of Safety in Operations and Risk Assessment adapted to Volunteers engaging in Search-&-Rescue. Among other informative material, Mr. Papazoglou also conveyed “Lessons Learned” and “Good Practices” researched and developed within the contexts of past and ongoing Projects where CERIDES is involved, such as RESPOND-A, MEDEA, FirEUrisk, HEUREKA, NEMAUSUS and others.