CERIDES exceeds 1M Euros earned in European-level funding

November 28, 2017
Christos Dimopoulos

We are very happy to announce that CERIDES has achieved new European-level funding for the DG-ECHO project entitled ‘ALTER: Alliance for Disaster Risk Reduction‘ (project description follows below). The total project funding is 560.000 Euros, of which 93.650 Euros are allocated to EUC.

It is worth noting that with the acquisition of this project, the total research funding achieved for EUC by CERIDES and its constituent parts since 01/05/2014 now exceeds the value of 1 Million Euros.

We are working to achieve further sustainable growth of CERIDES through the expansion of our team and our network of local and inernational collaborators. We will be announcing some very important developments on this front very soon.

Project Details: ‘ALTER: Alliance for Disaster Risk Reduction‘ is a 560.000 Euros – 24 months project aiming to create public private partnerships to increase resilience in areas of Armenia that face floods risks originating in earthquakes. Such alliances will be founded on transfer of methods, tools, knowhow and experience from acknowledged entities from Union Civil Protection Mechanism countries to Armenian partners as well as to the Armenian government and key stakeholders. The added value of ALTER is the increased efficiency and effectiveness in use of available resources in order to achieve disaster risk reduction strategies in countries outside EU CP Mechanism.