CERIDES participates in the fifth Plenary Meeting of FirEUrisk




The 5th Plenary Meeting of FirEUrisk took place in Lleida, Cataluña, Spain, where the latest products development and progress were presented.

One of the key topics discussed in the meeting was the implementation of the products developed in the project in real-life settings in 5 testing sites, called pilot sites, across Europe. The testable products include models and tools for predicting the behaviour of wildfires, as well as communities’ exposure to wildfires, among others.

The testing in the pilot sites starts in summer 2023. A first event gathering relevant people to hear about and provide feedback on the products will be organised in Barcelona in June, with the collaboration of the Barcelona Municipality (Diputació de Barcelona). Local stakeholders, such as forest managers, first responders, landowners/managers, and municipality officers, will be invited to the event to validate the products.

In addition, the meeting focused on the progress of one of the key outcomes of the FirEUrisk project, an open online platform containing the datasets developed for holistic wildfire risk management. The open platform will be published towards the end of the project in 2025. At the moment the platform is being tested by the project partner institutions.

CERIDES – Excellence in Innovation and Technology (European University Cyprus) a partner of the project was represented by Fire Safety Engineer Dr Klelia Petrou

FirEUrisk is a project funded by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation program that brings together 38 partners from Spain, Portugal, Greece, France, the United Kingdom, Sweden, Finland, Bulgaria, Romania, the Netherlands, Cyprus , Croatia, Ukraine, Israel, Australia and Canada. The consortium includes research staff, political leaders, forest and fire managers, civil protection, meteorological services, companies and NGOs.