CERIDES Professor Contributing to CERU Counter-Extremism Project

July 27, 2021
Pericles Leng Cheng

CERIDES Adjunct Professor Dr Alan Waring is contributing to a 6-month project aimed at creating the first publicly accessible global database on current counter-extremism programmes. The project is directed by the head of the Counter-Extremism Research Unit (CERU) https://www.radicalrightanalysis.com/carr-research-units/, Dr Natalie James, at the London-based CARR (Centre for Analysis of the Radical Right). Dr James is Assistant Professor of International Relations at Nottingham University, natalie.james@nottingham.ac.uk.

This CERU project aims to create the first global database on current counter-extremism programmes as an important resource for future research and policy analysis. It will identify which programmes are being implemented in relation to counter-extremism agendas, provide a snapshot of the programme aims, scope and activities, and provide key contact details for programmes. The database will identify both state and non-state based projects running programmes at local, national and international levels. The database will be launched publicly in November 2021.

Dr Waring is a CARR Policy & Practitioner Fellow and has been engaged in risk analysis professionally and academically for some 40 years, including major hazards, corporate governance, and a variety of inputs to CERIDES since 2011. His numerous publications include editing and contributing to the multi-authored The New Authoritarianism: A Risk Analysis, Vol 3 of which was published in June 2021.