CERIDES visits Université de Nîmes

March 2, 2022
Christos Dimopoulos

During the recent visit of CERIDES to Nîmes for the implementation of the DG-ECHO project NEMAUSUS, the President of Université de Nîmes Professor Benoit Roig invited Professor George Boustras (Director of CERIDES), and Dr. Christos Dimopoulos (co-Director of CERIDES) to visit the premises of the University.

Established in 2007, Université de Nîmes is a non-profit public higher-education institution. It is officially recognized by the French Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation of France. It offers courses and programs leading to officially recognized higher education degrees such as bachelor degrees in several areas of study such as Sciences, Law, Economics, Arts, Design, and many more.

Professor Benoit Roig and Ms. Axelle Cadiere, Vice-Présidente Vie Étudiante et Vie de Campus, welcomed the CERIDES Directors in the impressive University campus which is located inside the historical Fort Vauban. Fort Vauban was built in late 17th century to the site of old 13th century castle. The star shaped fortress got its name from famous fortress architect Sébastien de Vauban. The Directors were guided around the castle and were able to appreciate both the historical and the modern aspects of the University’s evolution. Both parties agreed to strengthening the ties between the two Universities through the establishment of student and staff exchange programs.

NEMAUSUS – “Network of European Multihazard cApacities hUb of Scientifics Understanding and Sharing is a Knowledge-Network funded by DG ECHO through the #UCPM – Union Civil Protection Mechanism. The project will define the preliminary settings of a European Centre of Expertise dedicated to Forest-fires / Wildfires. NEMAUSUS will design, develop and implement this wildland-and-forest-fires dedicated Centre-of-Expertise in the future, as a pilot project for the UCPM-KN as per “Connect, Share and Grow”. It will be open to all Member States and possibly to neighborhood policy countries to contribute to capacity development and science for forest/wildfires.

The NEMAUSUS project is coordinated by the Ministere de l’Interieur (France). Apart from European University Cyprus, the project consortium also includes Civil Protection authorities from the countries of Croatia, Germany, Italy, and Sweden, the Nîmes Métropole (France) local government authority, as well as the worldrenowned institutions of Pau Costa Foundation (Spain) and Entente Valabre (France).

The CERIDES Team members who participated in the implementation of the Cyprus Mapping Meeting of the NEMAUSUS project are the following:

Professor George Boustras

Dr. Demetris Hadjiloucas

Dr. Christos Dimopoulos

Mr. Pierantonios Papazoglou

Mr. Evangelos Katsaros

Ms. Christiana Ioannou

Mr. Iasonas Senekkis