Latest Book from CERIDES Adjunct Professor Alan Waring

July 29, 2021
Pericles Leng Cheng

Dr Waring’s latest volume of his The New Authoritarianism series was published by Ibidem Verlag in June 2021. Volume 3 is A Risk Analysis of the Corporate/Radical Right Axis  In keeping with the previous volumes, it identifies and analyses risk issues arising from the radical-right phenomenon in many forms, including the personal safety and security of individual citizens, ethno-religious minorities, and other minorities and vulnerable groups, as well as threats to organizations, public order and national security, to democratic governance, and to international security.

Other contributors include:

  • Emeritus Prof. Antony A. Vass  (Cyprus)
  • Prof. Denis Fischbacher-Smith  (UK)
  • Prof. Clive Smallman  (Australia)
  • Dr Vasiliki Tsagkroni  (Netherlands)
  • Prof. George Michael  (USA)

Numerous endorsements from academic and professional readers are exemplified byProfessor Inderjeet Parmar, Professor of International Politics, City (University of London):

A “brilliant new volume…..on the sources, ideas, ideologies, networks, and activities of the Alt, Far, and Extreme Right in world and domestic politics”.

“The nexus of capitalist corporate wealth and the ‘mainstream’, extreme and fascist Right is explored in great depth” and “shows that both mainstream corporations and those privately-controlled by billionaire oligarchs are implicated in funding the networks, organisations and activities” of the radical right. This nexus is now “centred on the Republican Party. The latter is considered by historians and political scientists to be the greatest threat to democracy in America, and therefore around the world, today”.

The book “goes beyond the academic study of the Radical Right and corporate power to examine the risk to democracy that such forces pose…..This book is required reading if we are to understand the forces shaping domestic and world politics today”.

Since first engaging with EUC in 2011 and contributing to the MSc in Occupational Safety & Health up to 2016, Dr Waring has published several articles in peer-reviewed Safety Science over the 2015-2020 period. He is also a Policy & Practitioner Fellow at CARR (Centre for Analysis of the Radical Right) based in London, and is a regular contributor to CARR Insight and to CARR research programmes.