New PYROLIFE MSCA-ITN high-quality Training Event and Workshop in April 2022!


CERIDES firmly believes in high-level, high-quality training of the next generation of Scientists and Researchers in its disciplines and fields of expertise. We therefore gladly participate in the MSCA-ITN “PYROLIFE”, which exactly supports a total of 15 Early-Stage-Researchers, PhD Students, from across the globe, in pursuing “triple-i” wildfire-focused research projects, with the support of an international – intersectoral – interdisciplinary worldwide network. PYROLIFE allows the advancement of holistic, integrated wildfire management in Europe and globally.

It is within this context that PYROLIFE conducts high-quality Training Events and Workshops. And the next in line are:


Both Trainings require Registration, so those interested are kindly requested to carefully visit the relevant respective links above.