New successful Erasmus+ project proposal for CERIDES (KA2-Strategic Partnerships for adult education)

July 26, 2019
Christos Dimopoulos

CERIDES is happy to announce the successful outcome of the Erasmus+ (KA2-Strategic Partnerships for adult education) project proposal  entitled:

Active Strategies for Prevention and Handling Sexual Harassment Incidents

The aim of the project is to to formulate a comprehensive intervention strategy and a training programme that effectively address issues relating to sexual harassment.

The project consortium is lead by the Cyprus Academy of Public Administration. The consortium, apart from the Cyprus Institute and CERIDES, comprises of Panteion University, Universitat de Barcelona, and a number of highly-qualified domain organizations from Cyprus, Denmark, Belgium and Bulgaria.

For the implementation of this particular project CERIDES will be collaborating with the distinguished colleague Dr. Charis Xinari, Associate Professor in Critical and Cultural Theory, and also Chairperson of the Department of Humanities in European University Cyprus.

We welcome her to the CERIDES team!