The Erasmus+ Project ‘Living Book’, Coordinated By Professor Maria Meletiou – Mavrotheris Receives the “European Innovative Teaching Award 2021”

May 4, 2021
Christos Dimopoulos

CERIDES is proud to announce that the Erasmus+ Project “Living Book – Augmenting Reading for Life” (2016-1-CY01-KA201-017315), has been selected by IDEP Lifelong Learning to receive the “European Innovative Teaching Award 2021” in the field of Primary Education. Professor Maria – Meletiou Mavrotheri, Director of the ICTEE Laboratory, and Head of Education and Training Services at CERIDES, was the Project Coordinator of the ‘Living Book’ project.

The EUC Team which participated in the implementation of the project comprised of Dr. Constandina Charalambous, Dr. Katerina Mavrou, Dr. Nayia Stylianidou. Ms. Panagiota Anastasi, Ms. Ilona – Elefteryja Lasica, Ms. Christina Vasou, and Mr. Yiannis Trimithiotis.

The Living Book School Partner selected to receive the European Innovative Teaching Award in recognition of outstanding teaching and learning practices is the 3rd Primary School of Makedonitissa – Stylianos Lenas.

Full of information about the Living Book project is provided at this link.

CERIDES warmly congratulates Professor Meletiou and her team on this significant achievement!

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European Innovative Teaching Award:

In the context of the creation of the European Education Area by 2025, the European Innovative Teaching Award (EITA) was established to present the excellent teaching practices implemented under the Erasmus + program and to recognize the work of teachers and schools at national level. The European Innovative Teaching Award is established this year as an annual institution, valid throughout the Programming Period 2021-27.

The objectives of the award are:

  • The recognition of the achievements of teachers and schools and the promotion of their work.
  • Identifying and promoting good teaching and learning practices.
  • The promotion of mutual knowledge exchange between teachers and school staff.
  • The promotion of added value for School Education by the Erasmus + program.

This year’s theme of the Award was Distance / Mixed / Hybrid Learning and prizes were awarded in each of the 4 categories:

– Pre-school education

– Primary Education

– Secondary General Education

– Technical and Vocational Education