Professor Maria Meletiou – Mavrotheris and the ICTEE Laboratory joins CERIDES

November 29, 2019
Christos Dimopoulos

CERIDES is very happy to announce a major development in its operation.

In particular, the Director of the ICT – Enhanced Education Laboratory (ICTEE), Professor Maria Meletiou Mavrotheris, has agreed with the Directors of CERIDES – Excellence in Innovation and Technology, Professor George Boustras and Dr Christos Dimopoulos, to integrate the activities of the ICTEE Laboratory within the organizational and operational structure of CERIDES.

Professor Maria Meletiou-Mavrotheris will assume the position of ‘Head of Education and Training Services’ within the operational structure of CERIDES.

About the ICTEE Laboratory:

The ICTEE Laboratory is one of the first Research Laboratories to be established in European University Cyprus. Professor Meletiou-Mavrotheris and her team has been hugely successful in acquiring a significant number of funded research projects, in producing high-quality research output, and in providing targeted training services both for EUC and for industrial partners. In this way, they have established ICTEE as a key stakeholder in the field of educational technology both in Cyprus and abroad. It should be noted that ICTEE designed and successfully implemented the first ever educational technology EUC project (‘The Blended Learning Project’).


ICTEE Laboratory has been a premiere research partner of CERIDES since the latter’s establishment in 2016. In particular:

– ICTEE & CERIDES cooperate in the development and implementation of a significant number of funded research projects

– ICTEE & CERIDES share the expertise of a number of researchers who are currently active members of both organisations

– ICTEE & CERIDES share a common view of the use of educational technology as an enabler of high-quality educational and training activities in various domains of interest

– Most importantly, ICTEE & CERIDES share a common philosophy of how a research organisation should operate and grow, within the current academic and industrial ecosystem

Benefits of the ICTEE integration:

The integration of ICTEE within the organizational and operational structure of CERIDES will provide the following benefits for our common CERIDES organisation (among others):

– Significant enhancement of CERIDES educational technology capacity (research, training, services)

– Significant enhancement of CERIDES human capital

– Significant enhancement of CERIDES academic and industrial network

– Significant enhancement of CERIDES funding proposals’ participation capacity

– Significant enhancement CERIDES training services capacity

– Significant economies of scale achieved through the use of the established CERIDES infrastructure and operational facilities

We believe that the vast experience and expertise which Professor Meletiou-Mavrotheris and her team brings to CERIDES will allow us to expand and offer unique educational products and services in the vertical domains that we are currently active in, and not only.

We welcome Maria and her team to CERIDES and wish her the best of luck with her new role!