Our Proposition

CERIDES aims to create high quality output and build a high caliber reputation along the areas of Research, Education / Training, and Consultancy

CERIDES aims to create high-quality output and build a high caliber reputation in three main areas:

Research–through its participation in National, EU and private research projects CERIDES aspires to create a vibrant research community within Cyprus and the broader geographical area. Postgraduate and Postdoctoral research fellows will be recruited to work in projects relevant to the Center’s thematic pillars., creating an inspiring and productive environment, which is primarily focused on delivering high-quality research output on the CERIDES topics. CERIDES’s objective is to develop an environment that stimulates scientific debate

The Center will fulfill its aims through:

  • Recruitment of top-class academics with the potential to not only contribute to science but to become trend-setters.
  • The recognition and adoption of best practices in research
  • Publication in peer-reviewed journals, proceedings, and/or books
  • Inviting highly respected visiting scholars, and finally;
  • Contribution to science through extensive dissemination of our research results e.g. through publications and conferences

Education / Training – CERIDES intends to provide an academic framework for risk science and create a career path for researchers emerging from the University. The Center will provide high-quality teaching that will challenge students and help them develop skills in critical thinking, research, and problem-solving that can be applied to a career in either research or the broader business community. Through its taught programs CERIDES aims to foster the dissemination of ideas, theories, and methods to its students. It is anticipated that the experience gained through research will be fed back to existing courses and it is also anticipated that new courses will spin-off from the Center.

CERIDES has begun putting this framework in place with the introduction of the Master’s Program in Occupational Health and Safety. Other programs that are relevant and can benefit from CERIDES are BSc in Mathematics, BSc in Electrical and Electronic Engineering, BSc in Civil Engineering, MSc in Computer Science, MSc in Information Systems The Center aims to build on these programs with the development of new complementary Masters Programs on Risk as well as on Optimization, Decision Sciences, etc.

CERIDES will develop a stimulating academic environment for students through:

  • Providing high-quality teaching by talented teaching staff
  • Providing high-quality research topics for student master theses that can result in publications
  • Setting up a student external practice period/internship in business or academia
  • Providing students the framework for developing risk & decision sciences research skills, by involving them in the activities of the Center
  • Developing and implementing vocational training courses and lifelong learning courses on risk & decision sciences topics
  • Sponsoring a variety of events – conferences, colloquia, lecture series, symposia, seminars, workshops, forums, etc. – for stakeholders in the field of learning technologies to meet, assess the progress of the field, define research agendas, and initiate new collaborations

Consultancy – One of the key aims of the CERIDES is to assist organizations to effectively manage risk and uncertainty and assist decision making in the fields of occupational, industrial, natural, and environmental hazards. To this end, the Center will further develop its work in the field of risk consultancy and build upon the work carried out such as its work as Member of the Republic of Cyprus committee that carried out the Risk Assessment for the Sea Dumped Unexploded Ordnance (Explosives) in the Gulf of Limassol – June 2013. CERIDES will also assist private and public organizations of any size and type in the interdisciplinary analysis, design, implementation, and deployment of technology-enabled decision support mechanisms and systems). CERIDES has already developed such systems for Cypriot SMEs of the food processing sector.

There is also scope for the Center to provide high quality, focused training solutions to the local policy-making, industrial, and wider research communities which meet the unique demands of each. It is anticipated that as the level of engagement and understanding of the concepts of risk and decision-making amongst local stakeholders increases, more demand will surface for focused, high-quality training programs.

CERIDES aims to become a technology transfer provider within the Cypriot industrial and manufacturing community and to establish an interactive communication channel between the academia and the business community. As already mentioned CERIDES aims to become the R&D preferred partner for the local industrial and manufacturing community as well as work closely with Governmental stakeholders and industrial associations. This aim will be fulfilled through:

  • The production of focused, applied, solutions to real business problems
  • The encouragement of interaction between academia and the Cypriot industrial and manufacturing community o The provision of high-level consultancy in the aforementioned areas