SEMEDFIRE invited as “Applicant Perspective” on WIDERA-Proposal-Writing in Workshop for National Contact Points


SEMEDFIRE-Twinning was honoured to contribute to the “1st Workshop on Proposal Writing and Pre-Screening” for National Contact Points (NCPs) covering the Horizon Europe WIDERA function, which was organized by the NCP-Network “NCP_WIDERA.NET“, on 30-31 March 2023.

SEMEDFIRE was represented by its Work-Package-2-Team-Leader Dr. Cleo Varianou-Mikellidou, and its Chief-Project-Manager Mr. Pierantonios Papazoglou, who presented: “Considerations on Proposal-Writing for WIDERA Actions, from the Applicant Perspective“.

The presentation started with providing insight relating to Horizon Europe and WIDERA contexts that Applicants need to consider before engaging in the endeavour of preparing proposals, and then continued with “Hints & Tips” on WIDERA-oriented Consortium-formation and Proposal-writing, emphasizing on “usual pitfalls and errors to be avoided” as well as on “what would ideally be expected by reviewers“.

Mr. Papazoglou, who is also the Research-&-Strategy Manager of CERIDES, concluded with sharing experiences and suggestions for devising a holistic “Application Strategy” to maximize benefiting from the WIDERA Actions overall. His presentation ended with references to the important funding and support of DG Research & Innovation and the Research Executive Agency, as well as with appreciation and acknowledgement of the valuable work and support-efforts of the National Contact Points.