Tele-Working and Occupational Safety & Health during COVID-19 Pandemic (Tele-WOSH)


Tele-Working and Occupational Safety & Health during COVID-19 Pandemic (Tele-WOSH) is one of the Research and Innovation Foundation Programmes for Research, Technological Development and Innovation “RESTART 2016 – 2020”. Tele-WOSH seeks to achieve the development and facilitation of the implementation of teleworking, while safeguarding the protection of workers and the interests of employers during COVID-19 pandemic and at the same time compliance with the provisions of the legislative framework for the protection of safety and health of employees working outside business premises. In particular, focusing on the changes due to COVID-19 in the workplace and the use of technology, the objectives of the project are to ensure occupational safety and health during teleworking through hazard identification, to highlight the impact/ consequences related to the identified hazards, to provide a holistic risk assessment and to give recommendations including protective and preventive measures. The main two outputs will be the development of an application (TeleWorking – OSH app – Tele-WOSH) which entails all the above-mentioned objectives and the development of a ‘Teleworking Guide on Occupational Safety and Health during COVID-19 Pandemic’.

If you would like to use the Tele-WOSH application please use the following link. Tele-WOSH App

The Tele-WOSH guide is also available here.

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