Judith Kirschner, PhD Candidate

PhD Student

Contact Details

Address: European University Cyprus, Tower Block C, Third Floor, Office X
Email: J.Kirschner@euc.ac.cy


  • M.Sc. University of Amsterdam, Earth Sciences, 2020
  • B.Sc. University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences Vienna, Environment and Bioresources Management, 2017

Research interests

Judith is a PhD candidate at CERIDES and associated with the PyroLife ITN, a global research and training network on integrated wildfire management funded by the European Commission. In her research, she foregrounds questions of governance to understand local wildfire risk and impact as a symptom of global social and environmental change. Outcomes of this work could help rethinking wildfire decision-making processes, mainly through joint responsibility and collaborative, adaptive and anticipatory approaches. Judith’s interest in fire as a socio-ecological process in the landscape got sparked during her Masters in Earth Sciences at the University of Amsterdam, with a thesis about palaeofire – the fascinating role of fire in Earth history.