EM-CITY – Creating modules to train young volunteers in Cyprus, Greece, Turkey and Italy


CERIDES Centre of Excellence in Risk & Decision Sciences, proudly led a three-hour training of eight young people from Cyprus, Greece, Turkey and Italy within the EM-CITY project, which is co-funded by the European Union. The aim of the training was to further develop four modules related to Civil Protection and to subsequently train 100 young people from these four countries in order for them to be capable to act as aids in case of an emergency.

CERIDES is responsible for the second deliverable Result 2 of EM -CITY which foresees the creation of Training Modules. The partners created the basic guidelines/templates for the modules, namely:

1. Introduction and methodology of Social Constructivism and Action Research

2. Civil Protection

3. Role of Volunteers

4. Cross Cultural Communication

5 Non Formal Training Methods

The eight young volunteers (two from each country) who attended the training will further develop the modules in order to create an 18-hour material to be delivered to 25 young people from each country (Italy, Cyprus, Turkey, Greece) within October 2023.

For this material CERIDES has created a Moodle platform. The material will be uploaded on the platform but it will also be available on the official project website so that other young people can be trained. The important thing is that this process gives the opportunity to young people who are already involved in Civil Protection in their countries as volunteers, or scouts or otherwise, to create non-formal material for the aforementioned trainings using their imagination and their understanding of the maximum impact it will have on young people of different linguistic and cultural backgrounds.

The young people will be supervised in the creation of the material and in the delivery of the 18-hour training by the project partners as well as by five people from each country (twenty in total) who are subject matter experts (i.e. academics, from Civil Defence, Fire Service, etc.).