A diverse and multi-disciplinary group of people bring creativity, experience and expertise to the table to ensure different perspectives and holistic view to challenges and their solutions


Georgios Boustras, PhD

Founder and Director

Development, use and evaluation of statistical and mathematical risk models with an emphasis on occupational, process and societal safety.

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Christos Dimopoulos, PhD

Founder and Co-Director

Analysis, design and implementation of Decision Support Systems with application emphasis in the areas of Disaster Management and Safety Science, Educational Technology and Applications, Engineering Education, Human and Organisational Factors in System Design.

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Pierantonios Papazoglou

Research and Strategy Manager

Safety in Operations of First Responders within the Context of the Climate Crisis and Disaster Risk Reduction Nexus with Safety and Security.

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Pericles L. Cheng, DIT


Head of Technical Development at CERIDES, involved in several European H2020 and ISF projects. Areas of interest include robotics, artificial intelligence, databases, networking, e-learning as well as embedded programming. CISCO Certified Academy Instructor, Moodle Certified Administrator and Course Creator, LEGO Certified Teacher Trainer.

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Cleo Varianou-Mikellidou, PhD

Operational Manager

Occupational Safety and Health (OSH), Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems (OHSMS), Ageing of the workforce, Well-being, Performance at work, Ergonomics, Sleep quality, Health impacts from air quality, Critical Infrastructure Protection, Climate change.

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Christiana Ioannou


Education University of Cyprus, Turkish and Middle Eastern Studies, 2012 BBA European University Cyprus, Business Administration, 2018 until today  

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Yianna Danidou, PhD

Lecturer in Cyber Security

Online security and privacy, the interaction between law, science and computer technologies, with emphasis on cybersecurity, cybercrime, forensics and crime prevention, electronic evidence, trust and reliance liability and ethical issues raised by technologies.

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Thalia Prastitou Merdi, PhD

Lecturer, European Private Law & European Environmental Law

Education PhD, University of Bristol (UK) Law, 2013 LL.M. University of Bristol (UK) Commercial Law, 2006\ LL.B. University of Warwick (UK) Law, 2004 Research interests European Contract Law, Consumer Protection Law, Business Law, Data Protection and Privacy Law,...

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Paris Vogazianos, PhD

Lecturer, Research Methods and Statistics

Education Ph.D. University of Masaryk, Brno, Czech Republic, General medicine, field of preventive medicine, hygiene and epidemiology, 2004 PGDip. Heriot -Watt University, Edinburgh, UK, Actuarial Sciences, 1998 B.Sc. (Hon.), Southampton University, Southampton,...

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Maria Meletiou, PhD

Professor in Mathematics Education

ICT-enhanced learning, game-based learning, mobile learning, VR/AR/MR in education, pedagogical frameworks and tools for distance education,  mathematics and statistics education, STEM/STEAM education, systemic reform in STEM/STEAM education, pre-service and in-service teacher training, parent education, quality indicators for evaluating educational effectiveness.

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Konstantinos Katzis, PhD

Associate Professor, Computer engineering & Telecommunications

Dynamic Spectrum Access and Machine-Learning-Based Cognitive Spectrum Assignment, Architectures for 5G and beyond 5G wireless communications from Aerial Platforms, Spectrum Geolocation Databases, and TV White Space Systems, Low-Power Wider-Area Networks (LPWAN), Standards and Applications, IoT-Health.

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Demetris Hadjiloucas, PhD

Associate Professor, Dynamical Systems & Ergodic Theory

Ergodic Theory and Dynamical Systems, Skew-Product Systems with Dynamically Attracting Invariant Subspaces, Dynamics of Hypercyclic and Cesaro Hypercyclic Operators, Dynamics of Skew-Products of Operators, Dynamics of Semigroups of Commuting Linear Operators, Dynamics of Non-Homogeneous Markov Chains, Iterated Function Systems, Universal Series, Combinatorics and its interplay with Dynamical Systems and Ergodic Theory.

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Christos Kassimeris, PhD

Professor, International Relations

International Relations, International Security, European Politics, Greek Politics, Foreign Policy, Greek Foreign Policy, Greek-Turkish Relations, Nationalism, Racism and Xenophobia, Discrimination in Sport

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Christiana N. Markou, PhD

Assistant Professor, European Law On Consumer Protection & E-Commerce

Data Protection and Privacy Law, Information Security Law, E-commerce Law, Consumer Protection Law, Law relating to Terrorism and Radicalization, Artificial Intelligence Law, Online Platforms

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Pooja Pandey, MSc

PhD Student

My research interests include the use of spatial analysis and geographical information systems to analyse natural disasters and to evaluate geographical access to disaster services and employment opportunities for everyone. Use of GIS can be helpful for forest fire analysis and risk reduction which is also a vibrant multi-pronged research project that serves my interest.

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Olga Nicolaidou, PhD

Research Associate

The impact of weak signals management on occupational safety and health, emphasizing in the elimination of occupational accidents, work-related diseases, dangerous occurrences and other unwanted incidents, ergonomics, new forms of work (teleworking, working platforms, etc.)

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Michalis Papamichael

Security and Emergency Response for on-shore and off-shore installations and structures and remote sensing and management.

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Klelia Petrou, PhD

Scientific Collaborator

Fire safety in buildings including the behavior of structural materials when exposed to elevated temperatures due to fire, smoke movement either via natural or mechanical means and human behaviour during a fire incident while evacuating a building. Developing tools for assisting the fire safety management of buildings for eliminating the risk of a fire incident and its effect on occupants safety.

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Judith Kirschner, MSc

PhD Student

How can we learn to live with wildfires? I study fire resilient governance as a member of PyroLife (Innovative Training Network on Integrated Fire Management). I am interested in exploring fire from a (palaeo-)ecological, social, economic, and political perspective. Fascinated by and background in environments of the past.

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Jason Senekkis, PhD Candidate

Research Associate

Road Safety, safety culture, risk assessment, risk communication, occupational safety and health, sustainable transport, urban mobility.

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Georgia Solomonidou, PhD

Lecturer, Researcher, Project Manager

Education Phd Research in Education, University of Leicester, January 2010 – August 2016 MSc Educational Research Methods, University of Leicester, September 2008 – August 2009 BA n Greek literature with specialization in linguistics, Aristotle University of...

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Evangelos Katsaros, PhD Candidate

Research Associate

Education BSc, National Technical University of Athens, Chemical Engineer,  1995 MSc, University of Thessaly, Analysis and Planning of Industrial Systems, 2001 PhD Candidate, University of Western Macedonia, Emergency Logistics Research interests Civil Protection,...

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Alan Waring, PhD

Adjunct Professor

Education PhD. University of Westminster, Change Management, 1994 Research interests Safety and major hazards risk management; corporate and radical-right authoritarianism, including risk implications for multiple parties; Policy & Practitioner Fellow, CARR...

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