Second METICOS pilot successfully completed


The second METICOS pilot on Border Line Validation has been successfully completed.

The testing was conducted at Eleftherios Venizelos – Athens International Airport, with volunteers (cadets, police officers and representatives of the project’s partners) participating as potential travellers. The primary objective of the pilot was to evaluate the efficiency and effectiveness of the border control processes using the no-gate solution in real operating conditions.

Having been involved as technological provider and as coordinator in many European and national research projects (H2020, MCSA, DG ECHO, FP7, DG HOME, DG JUSTICE), CERIDES is the Project Coordinator of METICOS and, apart from that, is involved in exploitation and dissemination tasks.

The METICOS consortium which consists of 15 partners from 9 European countries has identified the need for “no gate crossing point solutions” in order ‘to allow for the seamless crossing of borders and security checks without the risk of invading people’s privacy, and gain the societal and political acceptance of these technologies, taking into account the human factor, the social and societal aspects, providing a secure environment for travel and for host countries”.

Thus, METICOS project is developing a platform that integrates information systems and networks of data sources in order to validate the efficiency and users acceptance of border control technologies. The proposed platform will provide metrics and KPIs to authorities and decision-makers, based on a number of independent variables: performance expectancy, effort expectancy, facilitating conditions, physical privacy, accuracy, information privacy, ethical and societal perceptions, securing positive societal impact and maximize border control process efficiency.

CERIDES was represented at the Pilot in Athens by Research Programmes Manager, Maria Thalia Christou.