15/10/2018 cerideseucac

10 New Research Projects and Nicosia Risk Forum

We are pleased to announce that CERIDES will participate in the implementation of another ten (10) research projects which have been selected for funding during the summer period. These projects will be funded through both international (DG-Justice, Erasmus+), and national (RPF’s Integrated Projects, Excellence Hubs, Research in Enterprises) funding schemes. A listing of the new CERIDES projects is attached.

The new successful bids raise the total funding achieved by CERIDES to over 1.75M Euros, allowing us to support and continuously grow a dynamic team of accomplished research associates and talented PhD students. In addition, this funding provides us with the opportunity to organize and implement wide-reaching outreach activities, like the annual Nicosia Risk Forum which will take place on the 14th of November 2018 at the University premises. The Forum aims to be an academic, industry and policy making meeting point, and we are proud to have acknowledge the kind sponsorship from a number of high profile companies.  We are honored to have the Government Deputy Spokeswoman Ms Klelia Vasiliou opening the Nicosia Risk Forum and the Minister of Foreign Affairs Dr Nikos Christodoulides providing the Keynote Speech at the end of the day.

The CERIDES team would like to express its gratitude to both the academic and administrative leadership of the University for its continuous support in the implementation of its activities.

JP-COOPS Judical And Police Cooperation Preventing
Radicalisation Towards Terrorism
European Commission DG-Justice JUST-JTRA-EJTR-AG-2017
SAFED Safety, Fire & Design: Simulation for Fire Safety Training-SAFED European Commission ERASMUS+ KA202: Asociaciones Estratégicas
AQ-SERVE Air Quality Services for a cleaner air in Cyprus Research promotion Foundation Integrated Projects INTEGRATED/0916/0016
Feed2IoT Technical and Social sensor aggregation for smart environment enhancement Research promotion Foundation Excellence Hubs EXCELLENCE/1216/0478
DataPro Upgrading the EU Data Protection Sector with new Skills European Commission ERASMUS+ EA/27/2017
ENREAC-HEI ENhance REseArChers and HEI staff’ skills and competences in data management and research integrity to increase academia collaboration capacity European Commission ERASMUS+ KA203/HE
SAT-LAW Strategic Assessment for Law and Police Cooperation European Commission DG-Justice JUST-AG-2017
ONCONAT Functional and therapeutic implications of histone N-terminal acetyltransferase Naa40 in colorectal oncogenesis Research promotion Foundation Excellence Hubs EXCELLENCE/1216/0036
RICTOR-ALPORT Genetic modifiers in Alport syndrome and thin basement membrane nephropathy Research promotion Foundation Excellence Hubs EXCELLENCE/1216/0417
DELIVER Donkey Milk Bioactive Powder Research promotion Foundation RESEARCH IN ENTERPRISES ENTERPRISES/0916/0083