19/11/2018 cerideseucac

Nicosia Risk Forum Official Press Release

CERIDES is proud to report the successful completion of the 1st Annual Nicosia Risk Forum, which took place on the 14th of November 2018 at the premises of European University Cyprus. The event was attended by a significant number of top-level stakeholders from the government, academia, and industry.

The Forum was inaugurated by the Deputy Government Spokeswoman Ms. Clelia Vasiliou who stated that:

I would like to congratulate CERIDES for organising this Forum for the first time in Cyprus, and I hope that such initiatives will become the norm. I would also like to take this opportunity to praise the multi-dimensional and rich work produced by CERIDES, focusing in the areas of Risk and Safety in Southeastern Europe. The Centre of Excellence has already attracted more than 1.75 million Euros through EU funding, employs a number of researchers, and participates in a significant number of European and National funded projects (Horizon 2020, Cyprus Research Promotion Foundation of Cyprus, DG-JUSTICE, ERASMUS+ etc.). The wide network of CERIDES industrial and academic partners showcases the level of trust and reliability it has gained through its participation in productive partnerships with mutually beneficial results.

Minister of Foreign Affairs Mr. Nikos Christodoulides provided the Keynote Speech of the Forum, and stated that:

Cyprus National Security Strategy describes the ways and means to be employed toward achieving specific objectives in the larger context of promoting the national interest. The overarching objective is self-evident: to create an institutional framework which sets out the necessary conditions for the protection and safeguarding of the state’s independence, sovereignty, territorial integrity and the resilience of society and state institutions”.

The Rector of European University Cyprus, Professor Kostas Gouliamos stated that:

We are very proud of CERIDES, which spearheads the efforts of European University in the area of Excellence. CERIDES leads and guides the scientific staff of the University, and also its students, of both undergraduate and postgraduate level. I have to congratulate all the participants and especially the two co-founders of CERIDES, Professor George Boustras and Associate Professor Christos Dimopoulos“.

The Dean of the School of Business Administration, and Director of CERIDES Professor George Boustras stated that:

This is the first time that a public Forum in Cyprus focuses on development of effective coordination mechanisms and sustainable partnerships between the public authorities and all related stakeholders such as the civil society, academic community, research centres and private companies.