Renowned Japanese scientist visits CERIDES to present and to discuss civil protection and earthquakes

September 12, 2023
Constantinos Constantinou

Apart from being the science and technology giant it is, Japan is the country with the most frequent seismic activity worldwide. Home to the 10% of the planet’s active volcanos the country experiences approximately 1.500 earthquakes every single year. Both these factors have resulted over the years to an unmatched level of research as well as preparedness in Japan when it comes to earthquake and tsunami prediction and management.

It was therefore that CERIDES was not only honored but also grateful to have received at the EUC premises a renowned scientist, Dr. Narumi Takahashi from the National Research Institute for Earth Science and Disaster Resilience of Japan together with his excellency the Ambassador of Japan Mr. Yoshio Yamawaki and the Deputy Head of Mission and Counsellor of the Embassy Ms. Yoko Maejima. The embassy organised both the visit and the presentation by Dr. Takahashi highlighting the country’s remarkable achievements in this field and also ways in which Cyprus, the State and the academic community can benefit from this vast experience of Japan.

Dr. Takahashi’s presentation was preceded by short welcome greetings by the Vice Rectors of the European University Cyprus, Professors Symeou and Vryonides and a brief introduction on what CERIDES actually does by the Director of the Centre Professor George Boustras.

It was followed by a presentation by the co-director of CERIDES Professor Christos Dimopoulos focusing on the various #CivilProtection EU projects undertaken by CERIDES as well as ways in which both parties could benefit on an academic level from a cooperation and bolster the exchange of information on how to minimize the effects of earthquakes, since Cyprus is too located on our of the most seismic areas on earth.

Both parties expressed their interest in establishing a channel of communication in order to make such exchanges possible.