February 21, 2023
Constantinos Constantinou

Crisis management cross-border cooperation in the Balkans is fairly well developed. The shortcomings that are currently being recorded relate mainly to cooperation between the states of the region, not after such crises have occurred but precisely in the phases of prevention and preparedness before they occur. Especially in the Balkans, where the geomorphology of the area is complex, the response to calls for assistance from states in the region is often much more problematic. And this is precisely where cooperation and timely preparation of the necessary mechanisms to deal with this challenge in advance is of crucial importance.

#Roses, a European Union-funded project aims precisely to deepen this cooperation by bringing together several countries of the region, namely Greece, Albania, North Macedonia, Montenegro and Bosnia. Cyprus, although not located in the Balkans, fully participates in the programme, offering its expertise and experience in the development and implementation of such programmes through CERIDES – Excellence in Innovation and Technology / EUC.

The informal two-day kick-off meeting of #Roses was organised in Athens at the premises of the Hellenic Civil Protection on 20 and 21 February. During the meeting, a first coordination of the partners took place and the foundations were laid for the next phases of the implementation of this extremely ambitious project which is of great importance for the peoples of the region. Participants will have the opportunity to review the initial stages of the project in early summer at a meeting to be organised and hosted by CERIDES – Excellence in Innovation and Technology at the European University Cyprus in Nicosia.