Visit to CERIDES – Excellence in Innovation and Technology by the Chief Scientist of the Republic of Cyprus 

October 9, 2020
Pericles Leng Cheng

Dr Nikolas Mastroyiannopoulos,  Chief Scientist accompanied by Mr Theodoros Loucaides Director General of ΙδΕΚ visited CERIDES on September 26th.

We presented the latest activities of #CERIDES with an emphasis on the 2 #Horizon2020 projects we coordinate (RESPOND-A and METICOS) and Tele-WOSH the ΙδΕΚ funded project that focuses on a new framework for telework in the #COVID19 era.

We had the opportunity to present our National and Regional expansion plan. #CERIDES by the end of 2020 will employ 30 researchers.

#ΙδΕΚ role in the National research system is pivotal and we look forward to exploring more opportunities leading to high value, innovative research results and products.

Due to #COVID19 precautions only 3 #CERIDES researchers were present, adhering to all epidemiological protocols.