Table Top Exercise of DG-ECHO Project PDEX in Jordan, Israel and Palestine

March 26, 2023
Georgia Solomonidou

CERIDES is happy to announce the successful implementation of the Table Top Exercise (TTX) of the DG ECHO funded project “PDEX-JIP: Professional Dialogue Exercise – Jordan Israel Palestine”. The TTX took place on the 8th and the 9th of January 2023 in the JIP Region.

The specific objectives of the PDEXTTX implementation were the following:

– Discuss the FSX scenario – earthquake

– Discuss the activation of the UCPM (alert, requesting and offering relief teams and goods)

– Discuss cooperation with the Local Emergency Management Agencies (LEMAs), EU delegation on site, UN OCHA and ERCC, WFP, UNDAC, OSOCC, etc.

– Discuss “Drafted Guidelines Guiding Principles for Standard Procedures in Disaster Situations, (Jordan, Palestine, Israel)” and link them with EU HNS Guidelines

– Discuss involvement of international teams/modules in such a disaster and conduct the whole mission cycle

– Discuss trilateral cooperation of the JIP beneficiaries

The CERIDES team which co-organised the TTX consisted of:

  • Mr. Evangelos Katsaros, CERIDES Research Associate and PDEX-JIP Project Manager
  • Dr. George Boustras, CERIDES Director and Scientific Manager
  • Dr. Christos DimopoulosCERIDES co-Director, and Project Head Evaluator
  • Dr. Georgia Solomonidou, CERIDES Research Associate and Project Dissemination and Communication Manager

PDEX is a Union Civil Protection Mechanism (UCPM) Full Scale Exercise of particular political and societal importance for the Middle East Region. It is funded under the call UCPM-PJG. The aim of the project is to strengthen disaster preparedness in the Jordan – Israel – Palestine (JIP) region, increase interoperability, and enable Host Nation Support (HNS) and cooperation for international disaster response. The project supports the JIP region in analysing their Civil Protection (CP) situation, and prepare a specific regional, cross border Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for a closer operational cooperation in the case of a complex emergency. The project also trains all parties in the detailed implementation of HNS procedures related to the deployment of international support from various organisations and mechanisms (UCPM, UNDAC, WFP, etc.) in the case of an emergency.

The total budget of the project is in the region of 800K Euros. The total duration is 18 months. The project consortium consists of the following members:

European University Cyprus / CERIDES (Cyprus) (Project Coordinator)



Resilience Solutions (Austria)


Ministry of Interior / Civil Defense (Cyprus)

Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Cyprus)